Hopeless Romantic? Yeah, that’s me.

I am one of those people who..

  • whenever I see a couple walking down the street my heart melts and I can’t help but say ‘awe!!’
  • I have always wanted a nice long term relationship..
  • When a love song comes on the radio whether I am sad or not I just have to turn it up cause it will do one of two things.. Either put a smile on my face with the illusion of love or it will make me sad because of a recent heartbreak.

Isn’t it amazing what love does to you? My whole life I have been just like any other love struck girl, teenager, woman.. I’ve wanted my love life to be just like a movie. Where prince charming comes in and sweeps me off my feet! Wouldn’t that just be amazing. But than I come back to reality and think about what happens in the real world. Boys don’t come up now days and say ‘Wow you are so gorgeous’ unless they are looking for something in particular. I’m not saying that those wonderful guys aren’t out there. But they are so hard to find.. What I do know is that every girl is different and that they all have there own prince charming.. so really i am going against what I just said.. Ha. Ironic isn’t it? Not one is alike which means that we each have that one man/guy/boy that is our other half.. I read a quote once that said, ‘once upon a time the Greek god Zeus had made human beings all with four eyes, ears, and hands. along with two noses and mouths. Afraid of their power he split them in half.. You know what those people are called? They are called our soul mates.’ I’m not sure who wrote the quote or anything but mad props to them. Other than the Greek mythology part I think that person was right in saying that because each and every one of us has a soul mate somewhere out there. All you have to believe. 

Now days woman and girls all alike think that they have to dress the part and be the part for a guy to like them. But I am here to tell you that, I am not a relationship expert or anything but I do know that; guys like girls more the way you are. There was a time when I thought that I had to dress a certain way so that I could just get a cute guy to look at me. I played the whole dumb blonde part too! Than one day all of the sudden it clicked in my mind ‘what the hell am I doing?! It is so exhausting getting up early in the morning doing my hair perfect and doing my make up just right. I am buying all these stupid name brand clothes when I could be buying myself a new laptop or something.’ I am so glad that, that happened when it did because now when I’m not trying to be perfect and just be me the boys who I have had crushes on forever are noticing me more. Not just as that one girl, they are inviting me to hang out with them more and we are becoming friends. Talking all the time. And now this really cute guy and I are starting to like each other more and more every day. So I finally took that leap and came out and showed that nerdy little girl in me and he loves me for it.So all the time before when I was “acting” the part thinking that these guys were falling for me when they weren’t I figure I was falling for the illusion of Love what so many of us now days want. ‘Fall in love when you’ve actually found someone who cares for you like you deserve to be loved not when you’re lonely.’ That’s the key and be yourself! I cannot express enough how important that is! It might feel good to be the pretty girl in school but the closet book worm when you get home. But that’s no life. Find that guy who will be cool with you than take you to the library for that cute little study date. I promise it’s all worth it in the end 😉 


The Girl with the Ripped Jeans. ❤