Music is my Muse


“Music is my muse. It makes me think, it helps me dream, and mostly it gets me through good times and bad. ”  – The Girl with the Ripped Jeans.

As you all know I want to be a writer as I get older and really begin my life as an adult. What I really love doing is writing stories; putting my imagination to the test! 

My story all started..

About two years ago over summer I had the chance to stay at the college near by for six weeks, with a college prep program. They had asked me at the beginning what I wanted to do once I got into college, and as a freshman in high school that is a huge question. They told me that it doesn’t have to be something like a lawyer or a doctor or something over glorified like a model or an actress; it could be something that I just simply love. Which brought me to the answer of being a Writer. During the summer they set me up in an English class along with a bunch of other kids my age and the teacher gave us an assignment. We had to write the beginning of a novel by the end of the summer; so of course I went straight to my  dorm and started brainstorming what I could write about! Nothing was coming to me though, so out of frustration I just grabbed my iPod and started listening to music…That’s when it all happened! Songs were coming on and giving me the greatest ideas. By the end of the summer I had half a novel done! When I turned it in to be corrected my teacher read the beginning of it and sort of looked at me weird.. automatically my heart dropped. Like, “Oh crap I did something wrong!” When I got the paper back a week later he pulled me aside and said, “you have some really nice stuff here. You have some really strong writing and your play on words is just amazing.” After that I knew exactly how I would make something of myself as a writer! Now I am almost done with my novel and I am pretty happy with it. I’ve only ever let three people read it cause I am nervous about letting others read so much of my writing. But you know aren’t songs others feelings put in tune? If they can do it I should be able to, too. (: 

One of my favorite songs is a song by Rascal Flatts; Stand. It’s so amazing every time I listen to it I get butterflies all over and just feel like I am invincible! The whole song is talking about when you have struggles in your life you just have to, “look up decide you’ve had enough; you get mad, you get strong; wipe your hands and shake it off. Than you stand!” You lead your own life. It’s inevitable as to what will happen but you just have to keep holding on, “when push comes to shove, you taste what you’re made of;  you might bend till you break cause it’s all you can take.” This song has inspired me throughout my life to just keep going on. Things can get hard sometimes but you just have to keep going.

Sometimes a form of writing for me is to write songs. If I just need to get something out I grab a notepad and pen and just start writing. Usually the things I am feeling aren’t directly written. The songs have deeper meanings. But music helps me get it out. 

So the next time that you are sad, happy, in love, or just need a great idea to get you through go on the internet and check out some YouTube or grab your iPod and go for a jog. 

“Music is my life, my love, and the greatest gift anyone could give.”


The Girl with the Ripped Jeans ❤

The Girl with the Ripped Jeans <3



I despise tests…

I have a test tomorrow and ugh! I don’t want to take it one bit. My Teacher keeps saying, ‘every year most of the class fails this and if you bomb it even if you have a B in the class you will have an F so study hard!!’ Well all weekend I have been super busy, what with Thanksgiving and everything. Than work and of course Black Friday. So today and yesterday I have been trying to study. And you know what?! MY BRAIN HURTS!!  So I am taking a break. Procrastinating is really bad but you know sometimes it is neccissary (: ha sometimes it is necisarry to have a little bit of fun! Yes school is important and all but wow. Junior year is hard. I don’t want to fail but come on I feel like my teacher is setting me up for failure and it’s not fair! What to do in this situation? I think I am going to have to suck it up and just study my brains out! Yeah okay. Now if anybody out there needs some good study skills just ask cause I have a few!


The Girl with the Ripped Jeans ❤

Who Am I?

Who I am…

I am a typical American teenager trying to fulfill her dreams, taking it one step at a time. Everyday there are new obstacles to overcome, if there weren’t would this really be life? Everyone has there struggles and let me tell you; I have had my fair share. Through my life I have had the time to conquer and the time to be all the way at the bottom. I have found ways to overcome all my challenges and make it through. Lets take this blog as kind of the Journal as ‘The memoir of an American teenager’. I am here to answer questions of those you who are having troubles in their lives and even the parents who are watching their children struggle. Everyday I will try my best to write here sort of as a journal. Keep reading you may learn something along the way; as will I! 


The Girl with the Ripped Jeans ❤