Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree

This is the picture of the day today! ❤


One response to “Umbrella Tree

  1. Love it! Reminds me of the toilet seat tree in Dead Like Me.

    BTW, I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers in the spirit of forging new connections…and along the way, hopefully giving a little recognition where it may be overdue. I think your blog definitely deserves a lot more recognition.

    There are three simple rules that go along with the Liebster Blog Award:

    1. Give a shout out to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog.

    2. Nominate five other blogs that have less than 200 followers. If you can’t tell how many followers they have, no one will set fire to your house for nominating someone who is already plenty popular. At least, I don’t think so…

    3. Spread the good blog karma.

    I might add one little suggestion…let the people you nominated know that you nominated them 🙂

    Don’t forget to add the Liebster Blog Award image to your post!

    Best wishes!

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